Keep Electrical Safe this Winter!

With Winter in full swing, Tapp Electrical Adelaide wants to ensure that your family and premises stays electrical safe, whilst ensuring you get the most out of your electrical appliances over the cold season.

Smoke Alarms:
As the days continue to get darker and the weather colder, it’s natural for the average household to use more electrical appliances over the season for lighting and warmth. In fact the average household uses almost 20% more electricity over Winter than compared to the nearest season. Its good practice to test your smoke alarms to ensure they work effectively prior to the high use appliance season. Make sure that your smoke alarms batteries have been replaced at least one per year and that there is an alarm installed on each level of your home, near the bedrooms. Smoke alarms don’t last forever and should be replaced at least every 10 years.

If you suspect your smoke alarms are not 100% where they should be, call Tapp Electrical Adelaide and we’ll ensure your home is smoke alarm complaint and safe for Winter!

Electrical Blankets:
There’s nothing better than getting into a toasty warm bed over the gloomy season. Ensure that you minimise the risk of any fires by only heating electrical blankets up for 30 minutes prior to use.
Like smoke alarms, old electrical blankets can be a hazard and should be replaced every 10 years. Avoid putting objects or having pets on your electrical blanket whist heating and as good practice, give you blanket a good once over examination prior to first use over the winter season.

Extension Cords, Power Boards and General Wiring:
As the average Australian household uses more electricity over the Winter Period, it is crucial that you don’t overload your electrical household network. It’s always better to plug appliances in directly to a wall outlet than using extension cords. If you happen to use an extension cord or power board, don’t overload them by using multiple high use energy appliances onto one board. Always give your winter appliances a general inspection, ensuring that wiring isn’t exposed and that your homes appliances are in good working order.

If your home is a little older and/or you suspect there is faulty wiring, or something is not quite right with your electrical switchboard, don’t risk it and call Tapp Electrical immediately. We’ll dispatch one of our senior Tapp Electricians to inspect the situation and propose a solution to ensure your family and premise is electrical safe!

Call our friendly Tapp Electrical team on 08 8186 2600, your Adelaide Electrical Specialists.

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