The lighting you never knew you needed!

When I first purchased my home, the kitchen was a statement. I’m talking different coloured timber cupboards, mossy green bench tops, stained glass bi-fold doors on the pantry, floral splash back tiles and a return bench which was so uneven, you probably could have used it as a slippery dip. It was a real work of art, and I use the term ‘art’ very loosely.

We were thrown into a full kitchen renovation very suddenly, and very unexpectedly, thanks to a burst pipe and an unfortunately fortunate insurance claim some three years into home ownership. I didn’t know much, but I did know a few things. I needed a monochromatic colour palate, the stained glass bi-fold doors were going to vacate the premises, the poor excuse for a return bench was, in fact, not making a return, and I needed statement LED strip lighting under my cupboards to make the place feel truly special.

It took around three months for us to get back to a place where we could move home, but the wait was truly worth it. There are many things that, given my time over, I would do again in a heartbeat. Installing LED strip lighting to the underneath of all overhead cupboards is definitely at the top of that list. Not only does it add a really nice ambiance, it’s also incredibly practical.

How can they be practical, I hear you ask? Pull up a chair my friends, I’ve got some preaching to do.

Are you an early riser, but find that turning on a room full of lights is a little too blinding for that time of the day? Switch these babies on instead, they omit a real gentle amount of light, enough for you to go about your morning tasks without being blinded well before the sun makes its daily appearance. Do you hate coming home at night to a dark house? These are your solution, switch a row on before you head out and upon your return home you’ll be greeted with a soft light as you walk in the front door, a light that won’t break the bank by being left on while you’ve been out. Do you get up to get a drink, cheeky snack, or make a bottle during the night? (A bottle of the infant variety, come on now!). These guys are for you. A light bright enough for you to see exactly what you’re doing, but without waking the rest of the house up in the process.

I could go on all day, but to save your sanity, I won’t. Aside from the practical functions listed above, they’re just a really stunning way to add sophistication and value to your home. Not a single dinner guest has made it through an evening without commenting on how much they love the lighting in my kitchen, no word of a lie!

If you’ve been thinking about renovations, considering household upgrades or just wanting to find a little element to lift your home, consider giving LED strip lighting a try. It’s discreet, has endless applications and can be used in a multitude of different ways. If I’m honest, I love it SO much, I’ve since had them back to install LED strip lighting to my pergola. I’m an addict, alright?!

(Office lady extraordinaire)

“Not a single dinner guest has made it through an evening without commenting on how much they love the lighting in my kitchen”

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